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Registration as a customer

Shopping in our web store is easy, fast and secure.
Our system is designed to place your orders with a few clicks, yet with maximum security.

Services can only be ordered in our webshop after registration. During registration, we only ask for the necessary data for services and billing. It is important that you provide a valid, working email address and that you can verify the authenticity of your email address!
The information you provide is strictly protected and kept confidential, as detailed in the Privacy Statement .

Order process

The exact ordering process is detailed in Order .
Placing an order is considered successful if you see the invoice for the order in the "My Invoices" menu.
We will also send you a confirmation email once you have placed your order, in case of jamming or delay, please check "my invoices".

Customer service

If you have any questions regarding your purchase or payment, please contact us. If you have a problem shopping at the webshop, please feel free to contact our customer service!

Contact us:
Phone: + 36 70 944 7008(Monday-Friday: 10h - 16h)
Fax: + 36 1 266 1533

Webshop operator

Company Info:

Company name: Silicium Network Informatikai Kft.
Head office: H-1146 Budapest, Chazar Andras u. 2. A. 3./7., Hungary
Bank account number: 10403181-50526587-85841004 (K&H Bank)
IBAN (K&H Bank): HU15104031815052658785841004
VAT number: HU23474178
Company registration number: 01-09-333854

Complaint handling

In case of any complaints or problems, we welcome our customers to apply by e-mail, fax, telephone or our online customer service.
Our contacts can be found in the Contact menu.

Our telephone customer service is available to our customers every working day from 10 am to 4 pm.
To resolve issues with credit card payments, we need the "Transaction ID" number line, which we'll always send via email. Complaints and reports are expected to be investigated within 24 hours.

Payment methods

1.) Bank transfer: We issue a pre-invoice, which you can pay by bank transfer. Upon receipt of payment, the final invoice will be emailed to you. The start of the service is the date of posting.

2.) Credit card payment: Our system will immediately issue the final invoice and start the service.

Credit card payment

What types of cards can I pay?

With VISA and Mastercard embossed card, respectively. with some VISA Electron cards.
The possibility to use VISA Electron cards on the Internet depends on the bank issuing the card.
The VISA Electron type bank card issued by CIB bank can be used for sure.

Which banks' bank cards can be used for payment?

You can pay with any VISA and Mastercard / Maestro card that has been authorized for online payment by the card issuing bank, as well as web cards specifically designed for internet use. In addition, it is possible to pay with any co-branded card that is a MasterCard or VISA based card suitable for online payment.

After payment, my browser warned me to leave the security zone.
Is payment security guaranteed in this way?

Absolutely yes. The payment process takes place over a 128-bit encrypted communication channel, making it completely secure.
After the transaction, you will be returned to the merchant's website and your browser will warn you that you have left the encrypted channel.
This does not pose a threat to payment security, our system does not handle credit card information.

What does the CVC2 / CVV2 code mean?

In the case of MasterCard the so-called Card Verification Code, in the case of Visa the so-called Card Verification Value is a numeric value encoded on the magnetic stripe of a bank card that can be used to determine the authenticity of a card.
The so-called CVC2 code, which appears in the last three digits of the number on the back of the Mastercard / Maestro cards, must be entered when shopping online.

What does "Verified by Visa" mean?

Visa cardholders registered in the "Verified by Visa" system choose a password from the card-issuing bank, which allows them to identify themselves when shopping online, and which provides protection against unauthorized use of Visa cards.
CIB Bank accepts cards issued within the framework of the Verified by Visa system.

What does "Mastercard SecureCode" mean?

Mastercard / Maestro Cardholders registered in the Mastercard SecureCode system choose a password at the card-issuing bank, which allows them to identify themselves when shopping online and which provides protection against unauthorized use of Mastercard / Maestro Cards.
CIB Bank accepts cards issued within the framework of the Mastercard SecureCode system.

Card payment failed. What are the possible card problems?

The card is not suitable for online payments.
There is not enough cover on the card to complete the transaction.
The transaction amount exceeds the card purchase limit.
The use of the card on the Internet is prohibited by the bank.
The card has been blocked for some reason.
The card details (card number, expiration date, code on the signature strip) were entered incorrectly.
The card has expired.
The internet connection was lost during the transaction.
The transaction failed due to a timeout.
You did not return to the merchant / service provider page from the payment interface.
Although you have returned from the payment page, the browser redirects you to the payment page using "back", "reload" or "refresh", therefore the system rejects your transaction for security reasons.

Payment failed despite bank SMS confirmation

This phenomenon may occur if the card has been verified on the payment page, but you have not returned to the merchant / service provider's website. In this case, the transaction is considered incomplete, so it is automatically considered unsuccessful.

In this case, the amount will not be charged to your card, the reservation will be canceled.

What to do in case of unsuccessful payment?

If you've excluded the obvious from the possible reasons just listed, you'll be able to try your payment again after 15 minutes.
If your payment fails again, contact your account manager's bank.

Why should I contact the bank?

During the card check, the account holder (card issuing) bank notifies the bank of the merchant (acceptor) collecting the amount whether the transaction can be performed. The accepting bank may not disclose confidential information to a customer of another bank, only the bank identifying the cardholder has the right to do so.

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