The main benefits of our reseller program

  1. Monthly invoice, postpay
  2. Discounted prices
  3. API access: Immediate domain registration and other operations are also possible on your own website.
  4. Upon request, we provide free DNS service and / or admin Contact (AdminC must be Hungarian for .hu tld)
  5. Almost all domain tld (400+) is available in one place and at a competitive price
  6. Unlimited contact profiles can be added and edited
  7. You can use multiple billing addresses under a single account
  8. Summary domain expiration notification letters (lists domain names to renew)
  9. Euro-based invoicing and payment for our foreign partners, invoice in English language

The terms of the reseller partnership are as follows:

  • Our company only keeps in touch with our reseller and does not contact it's customers. Our company does not provide customer service for the clients of our resellers.

  • The reseller undertakes to handle a turnover of at least EUR 300. If this fails, the reseller is obliged to reimburse the reseller discounts to our company.

  • You can apply for our reseller program by e-mail at our customer service after customer registration.
    Reseller program

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