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How long does the domain registration process take?

Most domains can be registered and used immediately after ordering, e.g. .com / .eu / .net / .info / .org / .at / .de / .cz etc.… These will be registered within 1 minute after the credit card payment.

The .hu domain name registration process is special.
The technical condition of .hu domain name registration is the existence of faultless DNSs, for which we provide name servers, but it is also possible for the applicant to specify name servers.
The next phase is the "decision", which is the task of the Internet Service Providers Council (ISZT). This usually happens within 24 hours.
Thereafter, the domain name will be given the status of “Registered Conditional Use” for 8 days, after which it will be permanently registered.

During the "Registered Conditional Use" period, the domain name may be used in full.
Thus, from the start of registration to technical use, it usually takes approx. 1 day passes

8 days is a transitional period during which a complaint can be made against the domain delegation.


Name server (or DNS) service, DNS exchange, Record modification

At least two name servers are required for each domain name.
Our company provides name servers for all domain names free of charge, unless the user of the domain specifies otherwise.

Our default DNS servers are:

DNS servers can be specified during registration, while their exchange or modification (editing of A, MX, TXT, CNAME, etc. records) can be done in the DomainAdmin menu after logging in, but it can also be requested through our ticket system.


Expiration, quarantine and deletion of domain names. Renewal and reactivation.

The registration period of domain names is usually 1 year, but it is also possible to register/renew them for several years. The registration period starts from the date of domain delegation.
Prior to expiration, an expiration notice will be sent several times to the email address provided by the customer for this purpose.
Renewal is easy to do in our administration interface. In case of credit card payment, the renewal will take place immediately. We will send you an email confirmation of the successful renewal.
If the domain name is not renewed by its expiration date, it will be quarantined. The length of the quarantine period depends on the tld.
Reactivation from quarantine is subject to a fee, its fee also depends on the tld.

If the quarantine period has also expired, the domain name will enter the deletion phase. The domain name can be reactivated in this state, but only at a very high cost. The fee is especially high for com / net / org / info and some country-specific tlds. .
After the domain name deletion phase expires, the domain name will be available again.


Change of ownership

To start the process, please log in to the customer portal and order the service.

.hu domain:
After placing the order, we will send you a completed application form in pdf based on the information provided, which only needs to be signed and provided with two witnesses.
In addition, the seller must complete a waiver statement and also certify the authenticity of his signature.
This can be done with two witnesses and stamp (if the previous or new owner is a business organization).
After that send the application form and the resignation statement by e-mail to our customer service or upload them in the Documents menu.

After receiving the documents, the administration will take a few working days.
Templates for the application form and resignation statement can be downloaded from the Documents menu.

.com/net/org/info, etc domain:
The procedure depends on the tld, usually an e-mail confirmation from the owner is required.

With or without VAT?

Invoice with 0% VAT

If the billing address is in the European Union (except for Hungary) and the buyer is not an individual, the final amount will not include VAT (0%).
In this case, the buyer pays the tax in his own country.

Invoice with 27% VAT
In other cases, 27% VAT will be included in the invoice.


Accepted payment methods

We prefer credit card payment. We accept VISA, Mastercard and we accept any card that contains a CVC2 code.
We do not accept bank transfers or PayPal or Bitcoin payments.

If you don't have the opportunity to pay by credit card for any reason, please discuss the options and costs in advance with our customer service.


Download and access invoices

You can access and download invoices after logging in to the client portal and clicking on the Invoices menu.

Az általunk kiállított elektronikus számlákat elérhetővé és letölthetővé tesszük a kiállítástól számított legalább 5 évig minden aktív ügyfelünk számára.
We provide this option for at least 5 years from the date of issue of the invoice.

Downloadable formats: PDF, XML


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